Battlefield 1942

Free battle game for the PC set during the intense battles of World War II

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Battlefield 1942 is a classic and now free-to-download World War II PC game that pioneered massive multiplayer battles.

At a time when many online first-person shooter games saw match-ups that were limited to 6v6 or 8v8, Battlefield 1942 was unique by offering matches up to 32v32. In addition, the series is also unique by giving players more choices than ever in deciding how to play the game. Instead of focusing solely on killing other players, gamers have the ability to play support roles and heal their teammates or repair vehicles to obtain points and help their team to victory.

New Ways to Win

Another major addition to the genre established in Battlefield 1942 was the focus on capturing control points. Teams that work closely together to focus their efforts on overtaking and maintaining control points can win the round, even if their kill total is less than the other team's.

Weaponry also plays a major role in Battlefield 1942, as different classes and roles have different strengths. Anti-tank players can easily disable enemy tanks and vehicles, but they are helpless in the face of enemy infantry. Similarly, assault players are strong in close to mid-range combat but are vulnerable to both sniper fire and vehicles.

Something for Everyone

With its huge maps, wide variety of vehicles and weapons, and multitude of classes to choose from, Battlefield 1942 still has appeal for gamers of all personality types and gameplay styles more than a decade after its original release.

Pros and Cons of Battlefield 1942


  • Massive maps and match-ups mean that no round is ever the same.
  • 64-player server limit allows for highly entertaining and tense matches.
  • Wide variety of support roles give every player a chance to contribute and succeed.
  • Free to download and play.


  • Graphics are outdated by 2014 standards.

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